20 years of hard work in component supply chain

Started from heart and put into action

20 years of hard work in component supply chain

20 years of hard work in component supply chain

In 1999, Lordstar(Lordstar) successfully got the dealership of the Motorola Components. In 2002, it transformed into a collaborative service provider of component supply chain. And now it has become a intelligent management platform of supply chain.

Deep tillage and meticulous work Fruitful results Empowering the future

Abundant supply chain resources accumulation

Over the past 20 years, Lordstar has accumulated various top qualifications of customs AEO advanced certified enterprises, ultra-high credit lines of major Banks, and long-term operation data of components supply chain, etc.

Strong hardcore support

In Dongguan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, there are over 20,000-square-meter bonded and general storage space, equipped with a full set of modern intelligent hardware to improve the efficiency of circulation.

  • The average working experience in component supply chain of the management team is over 10 years

    The managing staffs are senior workers in component industry, with over 10-year working experience in this industry, knowing exactly the key points and weakness of component supply chain.

  • 1-million managing ability
    on component SKU
    1 million

    There are many types of components, and an excellent supply chain platform needs to manage different kinds of SKUs. Lordstar has the 1-million managing ability on component SKU.

  • Upstream and downstream
    of components
    3000 families

    Since the beginning of the cooperation with MOTOROLA, we have started our cooperation with more than 3,000 top enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, including many well-known brands such as National Technology, DJ Innovation, Philips, and AUX.

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