Suppply-chain Finance

Capital Industry, creating a new future

Supply-chain finance is a financial supply chain product, which is in the global industrial chain perspective. Based on the customer chain status quo, it provides clients with the customized supply-chain financial services such as "Loan Financing, Tax Payment Financing, Receivable Accounts Financing, Huoyabao1(貨押寶), Piaojubao(票據寶), Huilvwuyou(匯率無憂) ".

Suppply-chain Finance

Taxable treasure

Quick customs clearance, reduce payment frequency and solve capital occupation

Receivable Accounts Financing

A trading method who has a shorten capital cycle, low controllable risk

Accounts Receivable Insurance.png


Flexible use of inventory, bank direct loans to solve customer capital bottlenecks


Various ways of payment which lower the acceptance bill discount cost

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